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Empowering ESOL Students to Thrive in Wales

In the heart of Wales, the NPTC Group of Colleges has been a beacon of educational opportunity for students from around the world. Among the remarkable stories that have unfolded within its halls, two inspiring individuals, Daria Skidkina and Iryna Yemets, have stood out.

These ESOL students, who have been nominated for the Inspire Awards, exemplify resilience, dedication, and a deep appreciation for both Welsh culture and the English language.

Daria Skidkina hails from Ukraine and embarked on a life-changing journey when she moved to Wales just a year ago. At the outset, understanding English posed a considerable challenge, with only 25% comprehension of spoken language. Undeterred, Daria’s determination to thrive in her new home led her to embrace the language.

Through her unwavering dedication and the support of NPTC Group of Colleges, Daria’s proficiency in English has skyrocketed. She has not only become confident in the language but has also taken the admirable step of learning Welsh, a testament to her commitment to her adopted homeland. Alongside her English studies, Daria works at a local café, and building on her existing degree; is pursuing a master’s degree in aviation studies remotely through a Ukrainian university. Her enthusiasm for learning is palpable, which is all the more impressive given that she had to leave her home and move to Wales without any of her family.

In September 2022 Iryna Yemets, a former journalist, came to Wales. She quickly realized that the English language, unlike her native Ukrainian, presented unique challenges. With little in common with Ukrainian or Russian she worked hard to get a grasp of the unknown language.

Iryna’s tenacity shines through in her efforts to adapt to her new surroundings. She has found a warm and welcoming community in Wales, and her work as a teaching assistant allows her to contribute meaningfully to the educational landscape.

Daria Skidkina and Iryna Yemets epitomize the transformative power of education and the resilience of the human spirit. Their journey from initial language struggles to becoming active members of the Welsh community is an inspiring testament to the support and opportunities provided by the NPTC Group of Colleges. These ESOL students, with their love for Welsh culture and unwavering determination, serve as shining examples of what can be achieved when individuals are given the chance to thrive in a new environment. Their nominations for the Inspire Awards are richly deserved acknowledgments of their incredible journeys.

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