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Our mission is to empower individuals of all ages to embrace lifelong learning and personal growth

Powys Neath Port Talbot Adult Learning in the Community

Who Are We? 

We are Powys Neath Port Talbot Adult Learning in the Community, a partnership between NPTC Group of Colleges, NPT Adult Community Learning, Adult Learning Wales, Powys County Council along with a wide selection of education providers throughout south and mid-Wales. 

What Do We Do? 

Our platform offers a wide range of courses for individuals looking to learn new hobbies, advance their careers, boost self-confidence, or obtain qualifications they may have missed during school. Most of our courses are free, while some require a small enrolment fee.  

Our primary aim is to make sure that all prospective learners can easily discover the right course for them. Our user-friendly website gathers all necessary information and guides individuals towards their ideal learning path. We strongly believe in lifelong learning as it enhances skills, promotes well-being, and fosters social engagement and integration. We understand that re-entering education might seem daunting, our goal is to provide a smooth and comfortable journey back into learning. 

Where Do You Start? 

To get started, you can explore our website, which is regularly updated with links to our courses and education providers. You can search for courses by location, field of study, or using specific keywords. So, begin your learning journey with us and embark on a fulfilling educational experience. 

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