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Multiply your Maths skills for Free

Several newly launched numeracy and maths courses are now available for free at NPTC Group of Colleges.

Multiply your Maths

The Multiply scheme is a range of free, government-funded courses to help adults and families improve their numeracy and maths skills.

Numeracy skills are essential in all aspects of life. They unlock job opportunities, help you to calculate your weekly budget, enable you to help your children with their homework, or prepare you for further study.

The courses are designed to help anyone aged 19 and over who does not currently hold a Maths GCSE. The free courses through Multiply build confidence with numbers and allow learners to gain a recognised qualification.

The courses encompass various skill levels aligning with the new maths curriculum. They utilise a number of delivery methods, from e-learning and hybrid sessions to in-person delivery and are hosted at accessible venues such as libraries, community centres, sports clubs, schools, the College or even in the workplace.

The three schemes the College will be offering are Numeracy at Home – for children and families who want to improve basic arithmetic and everyday math skills, Numeracy Matters – a numeracy training program for employees; specifically designed for local employers to develop the numeracy skills of their workforce, and Numeracy for Success – designed to help learners step back into education or upskill.

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