Writing a Cover Letter

During this course you will have an understanding of how to write a suitable cover letter for employment. You will recognise the layout of a good cover letter. You will be able to understand the importance of including the correct information in a cover letter.

This course is designed to give essential knowledge in putting together a cover letter for work purposes. By the end you will be able to explain what a cover letter is used for and be familiar with two common formats. As well as, understand that it is to introduce yourself and to highlight your key skills and creating an example cover letter.

Various topics are covered within this course including what a cover letter is, different types of cover letters such as application cover letters and speculative cover letters. Topics also covered include how to structure a cover letter and sending your cover letter. This course contains useful resources and an end of lesson knowledge check quiz to help you further understand the content.

On completion of the course you will be able to be confident enough to write a cover letter to go with a CV. By the end of this course: – You will be able to recognise the importance of knowing how to write a cover letter. – You will feel more confident about putting a cover letter together. – You will gain the knowledge of the layout of a cover letter and what should and should not be included.

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