Writing Your CV

During this course you will gain an understanding of how to put together a suitable CV for employment.

You will recognise different layouts within a CV. You will be able to understand the importance of having a suitable uptodate CV. You will have the knowledge of how to keep your CV updated.

This course is designed to give an essential introduction into writing a CV. By the end you will be able to explain what a CV is used for and be familiar with two common formats. Understand that a CV should highlight the skills, personal qualities, qualifications, interests and experience that a potential employer is looking for and be able to create a draft CV.

Various topics are covered including understanding what a CV is, do’s and don’ts, consequences of lying on a CV, statistics, gaps in employment. As well as, social media, formatting your CV, types of a CV and the anatomy of a CV. With the help of knowledge check questions, interactions and scenarios throughout this course, on completion you will be able to be confident enough to put a basic CV together.

By the end of this course: – You will be able to put together a suitable CV to help gain employment. – You will feel confident in knowing the information needed for a basic CV. – You will gain the knowledge of how to present a basic CV.

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